100 karate kids at DZG

More than 100 martial arts students showcased their karate kicks in the grounds of Dudley Castle yesterday to mark the tenth anniversary of their club.


GKR Karate UK, which runs 25 classes across the Midlands, marked the milestone celebration of their Dudley Club with students, aged between five and 80, taking part in a special two-hour morning training session in the courtyard of the 11th century castle at the heart of DZG.

Senior Regional Instructor, Daniel Eastman, said: “We have been running classes in the Dudley area for 10 years and wanted to mark the occasion with a special class training in the grounds of Dudley’s iconic landmark. It’s something the club has wanted to do for a long time and we had a fantastic morning.   “It was amazing to see so many students going through their exercises in the courtyard, which is such a fabulous setting.”  

DZG Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “The students took over the whole courtyard for a massive martial arts training session which saw 112 club members practising their skills. It was impressive to see such a wide age group all completing their exercises as one.”

Following training students and their families enjoyed a picnic before touring the 40-acre site to see their favourite species. The organisation was founded 29 years ago in Australia.



Senior Regional Instructor, Daniel Eastman, and members of GKR Karate UK celebrate the tenth anniversary of their club with a mammoth training session for 112 students in the courtyard of Dudley Castle, at the heart of DZG.