Cheeky monkeys settling in

Two cheeky little monkeys who surprised staff with a December birth are settling in well. The baby squirrel monkeys, who have not yet been sexed or named, are the offspring of mums Stumpy and Mrs Elvis, and dominant male, Oscar. Curator, Matt Lewis, explained that the youngsters are inseparable from their mums until three months Continue reading Cheeky monkeys settling in

Grumpy day for penguins

Thursdays are grumpy days at Dudley Zoo – at least for our 60-plus rare Humboldts penguins who hate having their pool cleaned. During the weekly big clean the colony has access to gallons of drinking water, but that doesn’t up the happy stakes when the pool is drained and keepers scrub down. And super-sulky penguins Continue reading Grumpy day for penguins

Oscar stays toasty

Squirrel monkey with cold feet? No probs, just head for the nearest central heating pipes in Monkey Tails and chill out. That’s what cheeky monkey, Oscar, did when he thought no-one was looking – and spent a while toasting his toes and tummy on the warm pipework that runs around the building. Rest and relaxation Continue reading Oscar stays toasty

Leeches move in

Eight medicinal leeches have moved into a new home at DZG. Presenter Langan Turner said: “The leeches are fascinating, but many people also find them repulsive. “They’re approximately 20cms long and have a sucker at each end – one with sharp teeth attached! The other sucker is used as an anchor to stop the leech Continue reading Leeches move in

Introducing baby Martha

A bouncing baby mara born in November has been identified as a female and named Martha. The offspring of Olivia and Martin, she is the first Patagonian mara to be born at the zoo in seven years. Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said: “Martha was microchipped during the sexing procedure and is now back in the enclosure with her Continue reading Introducing baby Martha

Nick says hello

TV presenter, Nick Knowles, took time out from a hectic BBC DIY SOS schedule to say hello to staff at DZG. Nick, who is currently involved in a revamp project at Gornal, spent an afternoon on site chatting to keepers and meeting his favourite animals. He also picked up an adoption pack for our nine-strong Continue reading Nick says hello

Counting heads at DZG

Keepers have had a busy week counting more than 1,500 animals from 177 species for the site’s annual census. The yearly headcount includes creatures from the tiniest stick insects to an alpha male giraffe – and all sorts in between. CEO, Peter Suddock, said: “The census verifies our computer records and it is a requirement Continue reading Counting heads at DZG

DZG backs city status bid!

DZG?CEO?Peter Suddock put his weight behind Dudley’s bid for City Status today in a Central News TV interview. Speaking to camera he said the City campaign was highlighting a unique area of the UK with a rich and diverse heritage that was very deserving of such status. He said: “It will put the borough firmly on the worldwide map.”  Continue reading DZG backs city status bid!

Festive firs for squirrels

Christmas trees from Santa’s Grotto have been given a new lease of life in the red squirrel enclosure. The festive firs are providing enrichment for the endangered native species, as keepers hide snacks in the branches. Curator, Matt Lewis, said: “We have hidden apples, pine nuts and sunflower seeds for our eight squirrels who also Continue reading Festive firs for squirrels