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Lino donated to DZG will be used to line new cages for our ferrets

Flooring for ferrets

5 October 2015
DZG’s ferrets will be cosy in their cages thanks to some old lino donated by new Presenter Heather John’s mum! When her mum was having a clear out Heather bagged the flooring and brought it to DZG to line the new ferrets cages and...
Happy Grandparents' Day, Yasmin!

Yasmin’s a grandma!

4 October 2015
Today is Grandparents’ Day and after delving deep in DZG’s records we’ve discovered our beautiful red panda Yasmin is a grandmother! The 11-year-old Tibetan beauty (photographed by member Kathryn Willett above) has been at...
Baby guinea pigs Herbie, Ernie and Harvey are set to be stars at DZG

Cheeky chappies!

3 October 2015
Three baby guinea pigs born on the DZG Farm are set to be stars of school workshops and birthday parties after moving to our Discovery Centre. The three boys, who have been named Ernie, Harvey and Herbie, are settling in well and Presenters say...
Welcome to DZG Marina and Tania!

Bonjour Marina and Tania!

2 October 2015
A pair of Patagonian sea lions arrived today from the South of France to join DZG’s colony. The two females Marina, aged 19, and 18-year-old Tania (pictured above) translocated from African Safari, Plaisance du Touch, near Toulouse...
One of the new roads leading to DZG has been named Zoological Drive

We’re off Zoological Drive!

2 October 2015
Dudley Zoo staff are delighted after two roads leading to the award-winning attraction have been named in our honour. The roads off Tipton Road have been called Discovery Way and Zoological Drive. The names for the adopted roads have just...
Daredevil Derek Medley loved feeding DZG's amazing animals

Thrill-seeker turns zookeeper!

2 October 2015
A daredevil pensioner who has tried his hand at bungee jumping, rally driving, skydiving and flying planes since retirement has added zoo keeping to his list! Since finishing work at 61, Derek Medley from Warrington has been treated to a...
More sleep for DZG animals as we switch to winter opening hours

Switching to winter hours

1 October 2015
Dudley Zoo’s animals can enjoy some extra shut-eye as the site reverts to its winter opening hours from today. During weekdays, visitors will be able to gain entry from 10am until 3pm, with the 40-acre site closing 90 minutes later...
Nine male ring-tailed lemurs leave to go to new homes at Rodbaston College

Lemurs off to college!

1 October 2015
Nine of our male ring-tailed lemurs have left DZG for a new home at Rodbaston College. Head of Upper Primates Pat Stevens, pictured saying goodbye to the lemurs, said the boys would help students at the college learn more about lemurs as part of...
DZG's loveable Inca is doing amazingly well for her incredible age

Incredible Inca!

30 September 2015
Our much-loved elderly bear, Inca – officially the oldest Asiatic black bear in Europe – has passed her annual health check with flying colours. ABOVE – Incredible Inca – Top-to-toe exam shows she’s in tip-top...
DZG Zoo Director Derek Grove attends this year's EAZA conference in Poland

Conferring with Europeans

29 September 2015
Zoo Director Derek Grove has returned with plenty of new ideas after attending the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Annual Conference in Poland. Derek joined more than 600 animal attraction delegates from across Europe at the...