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Spooky theory on anniversary of Grey Lady's death

Anniversary could get spooky!

28 April 2015
Legend says that today’s the day spooky howling can be heard from the keep of Dudley Castle – from the devoted dog of the Grey Lady ghost. DZG Presenters, who take visitors on regular ghost walks around the castle, say April...
Gobi loves being back on show at DZG

Gobi’s loving the limelight

28 April 2015
Desert collared lizard Gobi is loving being back on show in our Discovery Centre after a short time behind the scenes. The eight-year-old lizard was taken off show and treated to some special TLC during one of his regular sloughs or moults...
Cuddles galore on World Tapir Day

It's World Tapir Day!

27 April 2015
Our three Brazilian tapir are in for plenty of cuddles today as keepers take time out to mark World Tapir Day. Dad Chico, Mum Meena, both 12, and their five-year-old son Ronnie are being treated to lots of fuss and hugs and even...
Tiggy the tortoise is enjoying munching on beautiful blooms

Blooming tasty!

27 April 2015
A beautiful hibiscus plant which has blossomed in DZG’s Monkey Tails exhibit is providing some blooming tasty treats for our recently relocated tortoises. Hermann's tortoise Tiggy enjoys a hibiscus flower African spurred...
Ten years of Lemur Wood

DZG’s decade of Lemur Wood

26 April 2015
DZG is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its first walkthrough exhibit Lemur Wood, a one-acre paddock where visitors come face to face with free-roaming lemurs. And one decade on, the hit attraction is still our most popular exhibit and...
DZG Keeper for a Day Jane Gleaves

A wonderfully varied experience

25 April 2015
Malvern teacher Jane Gleaves was amazed by the knowledge of our staff when she became a DZG Keeper for a Day. Jane, pictured above with some of our ring-tailed lemurs, was treated to the experience by her husband for her 50th birthday and...
Why not adopt a DZG penguin on World Penguin Day?

Today’s World Penguin Day!

25 April 2015
When could be more perfect to p.p.pick up a DZG penguin adoption pack than today? - World Penguin Day. Following our success in the international breeding programme for Humboldt penguins over the last 20 years, we now have a 70-strong colony...
Lucky and Marvin love their 5th birthday presents

Lucky and Marvin get unwrapping!

24 April 2015
Meerkat brothers Lucky and Marvin had a wild time ripping through their 5th birthday presents down in Monkey Tails today. Lower Primate Keeper Jade Reddall, pictured right, concealed mealworms and hay in boxes wrapped in birthday paper to...
Birthday boy Yoda flies the flag for St George

By George it’s Yoda’s birthday!

23 April 2015
Black and white ruffed lemur Yoda got in a patriotic mood to mark St George’s Day - and his 13th birthday. As well as flying the St George’s flag at the top of the 11th Century Dudley Castle, DZG Upper Primates keepers were...
Our cheating chimps find a quick way of getting snacks out of socks

Cheating chimps!

23 April 2015
There was excitement afoot when Lower Primates Keepers gave our seven chimps a fun challenge – to sniff out treats from inside a pile of socks! ABOVE: Mali hotfoots it to a pile of socks! The idea was for Mandy, Fanny, Barbie, ...