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DZG gets ready to count down to Christmas 2014

Christmas Countdown

28 November 2014
Staff at DZG are all set for our big Christmas countdown . . . We'll be featuring some of our unique site features and very special animals as they help us count down to The Big Day. Make sure YOU join Team DZG's ...
Sumatran tiger Daseep

Tiger Tales: Daseep's Blog

28 November 2014
Hi Everyone, Here's proof that it's never too cold for a dip in the pool!     And here's proof that Joao is a big scaredy cat who doesn't like getting his paws wet!     But at least he'll...
DZG Storeman, Drew Jordan with some of the donated fruit bags

A fruity donation!

27 November 2014
A big thank you to McDonalds Dudley who have donated a box full of surplus fruit bags to our animals. The bags of apple slices and grapes – usually given out in children’s Happy Meal boxes – are now being enjoyed by various...
DZG's anmals stay toasty as autumn chills kick in - meerkats head for heatlamps

The heat is on!

27 November 2014
As autumn kicks in, animals across our 40-acre site hunker down in cosy enclosures. Asiatic lions, Kyra and Asha look forward to the switching on of their paddock’s heat pad, with its half-ton sand topping...
a Demoiselle crane is settling in to DZG's triple aviaries

Oh, la, la, Demoiselle moves in

26 November 2014
Meet the new girl on the block, a Demoiselle crane who is settling into DZG's triple aviaries. Keepers are planning to introduce the one-year-old bird who translocated from Sparsholt College, in Hampshire, to a male as...
Chris Hewitt loved his DZG keeper for a day experience

A unique 30th experience!

25 November 2014
Chris Hewitt from Sutton Coldfield went home with a camera full of close animal encounter selfies when he became a keeper for a day at DZG. The animal lover was treated to the experience by his brother to celebrate his 30th birthday and...
Santa arrives at DZG on December 2, 2014

Santa arrives in one week!

25 November 2014
There’s just ONE WEEK to go until Santa’s grotto opens to the public and tickets are going fast! The elves have been working their magic in the 11th century Dudley Castle transforming it into a Winter Wonderland and Father...
DZG ungulates team leader Jay Haywood prepares woodchip for the lynx

Woodchip revamp for lynx

24 November 2014
Our Carpathian lynx family are rolling around in joy after their paddock was revamped with woodchip from DZG's recycled trees. As part of our ongoing site management trees at the end of their natural life have been taken down...
DZG is joining BIAZA's-IUCN red November conservation campaign

DZG on red alert!

23 November 2014
We're on red alert today as we celebrate our international conservation programmes with the world’s most endangered species. And we're inviting YOU to join today's fun by donning your brightest pair of red socks or tights...
old DZG shirts are providing blankets for ferretsin the zoo's Discovery Centre

Shirts are ferret duvets!

22 November 2014
How about this for recycling – old DZG jumpers are being used as snuggly blankets for small furry friends within the Discovery Centre’s Creature Feature collection!   DZG  Head of Media and Communications, Jill...