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DZ has been awarded gold in the BIAZA awards for our Fen raft spider

DZ wins gold!

26 June 2016
We’re buzzing to conclude National Insect Week by discovering we’ve been recognised for our conservation work in saving the UK’s rarest and biggest arachnid! Dudley Zoo was awarded gold in the British and Irish Association of...
Happy Birthday Yasmin, who's 11 today!

A trio of birthdays!

25 June 2016
There’s birthday waves from our beautiful red panda, Yasmin, who turns 11 today! And to mark her special day we thought we'd share this gorgeous shot of our red head by visitor Samantha Weaver. There’ll be a few extra...
Chris Leeson is DZ's new Conservation Officer

Meet DZ's Conservation Officer!

24 June 2016
Chris Leeson is following his dream after being named as DZ’s new Conservation Officer. And the former zookeeper, who’s been a familiar face on site for the last few years, working on the zoo’s farm and primate section, has...
DZ's snow leopard, Makalu, has left DZ for a new adventure in India

Makalu leaves DZ

23 June 2016
We’ve waved off our young snow leopard, Makalu, for a new adventure in India in the most important conservation move DZ has ever been involved in. Two-year-old Makalu left Dudley Zoo yesterday for Darjeeling Zoo almost 5,000 miles away...
It's set to be a busy DZ day today!

An eager line!

22 June 2016
It’s going to be a busy day on site today with almost 800 school visitors expected! And there was a fab sight at the entrance first thing this morning as a line of excited youngsters snaked their way back to the car park as they waited...
We've welcomed five new African wild dogs to DZ

Wild dog welcome!

22 June 2016
Five endangered African wild dogs are making themselves at home after joining the DZ collection. Four brothers Diallo, Azizi, Ochi and Gamba, aged six-years-old and their seven-year-old sister Subira arrived from Chester Zoo...
DZ is celebrating World Giraffe Day 2016

Standing tall for giraffes!

21 June 2016
It’s World Giraffe Day and we’re celebrating the world’s tallest mammal today and raising awareness for the endangered species. We’ve got three giraffes at DZ, female Josie and males, Kubwa and his son, Kito, who are...
DZ is celebrating National Insect Week 2016

Celebrating creepy crawlies!

20 June 2016
It’s National Insect Week and we’re celebrating some of the world’s smallest creatures! With more than 24,000 species of insect in the United Kingdom alone, with hundreds to be found every day in our own gardens, insects...
Buddy had an egg-cellent start to his birthday and Father's Day

An otter-ly great day!

19 June 2016
Buddy the otter has had an egg-cellent start to his 11th birthday with a yummy breakfast! And today is extra special, as it’s his first Father’s Day too! To celebrate the day, keepers treated the whole Asiatic short-...
Sulawesi crested macaques are enjoying the great outdoors

Macaques on the Bank!

18 June 2016
Our group of Sulawesi crested macaques are enjoying the great outdoors and are busy exploring their new hillside bank. Now they’re settled into their brand new enclosure at the bottom of the zoo site after relocating back in March,...