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Whole fish is in the menu at DZG for our lovely otter pups

Fish supper!

29 November 2015
Whole fish are now being served to our group of gorgeous young otters who are growing up so fast. ABOVE - The young otters enjoy a fishy feast - Thanks to Sarah Holt for the wonderful photo Keepers no longer need to cut up food for the...
Dudley Zoo's falcon Riot has an eye-catching new hood

Riot’s new headgear

28 November 2015
DZG’s Gyr Saker falcon Riot is turning heads in his stylish new hood.     The hand-painted hood, pictured above, features a picture of a peregrine falcon on each side and was given to our Head of Birds Kellie Piper by a...
Oba shows keepers his cheeky character at DZG

Cheeky chappy!

27 November 2015
DZG’s popular male Patagonian sea lion Oba was clearly in a cheeky mood during training this week when he stuck his tongue out to one of his keepers. Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden was working with the 14-year-old when he made the playful...
Our lemurs take a closer look at the popular DZG 2016 calendar

Calendar’s a hit!

26 November 2015
It seems lots of people want to get their hands on a copy of next year’s stunning DZG calendar – and that’s why we’ve had to order more! ABOVE – DZG’s black and white ruffed lemurs make a grab for the...
Isla Blankley and Amelia Smith had at trip to remember at DZG

Making memories at DZG!

26 November 2015
Close friends Isla Blankley and Amelia Smith made sure they had a memorable time as Dudley Zoo keepers - because they’ll soon be living on other sides of the world! Isla from Leicester, pictured above left, and Amelia from Northampton,...
DZG's bachelor baboons have three times more space to explore

Bachelors on the bigger bank!

25 November 2015
Our male group of gelada baboons have had a major extension to their enclosure – in fact it’s almost three times its original size! ABOVE - Curator Richard Brown gets a great view of a gelada baboon from the top of the newly-...
Ronnie, DZG's young Brazilian tapir is six today

Three birthday boys in one day!

24 November 2015
Pomegranate was on the menu today for birthday boy Ronnie, our young Brazilian tapir. The popular youngster, who turned six today, was treated to the delicious fruit for the very special occasion. DZG Trainee Keeper Josh Luxton, pictured...
Bats and saki monkeys were the topics under discussion at a mammal meeting

Talking mammals!

23 November 2015
Two Dudley Zoo keepers took centre stage at the annual BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Mammal Working Group Meeting. Trainee Keeper Cara Sheldon, pictured above, spoke about setting up our successful...
Stourbridge art students fell for Charlie the macaw during a bespoke workshop

Arty animals

22 November 2015
More than 50 Stourbridge students created their own works of animal art during a bespoke education session at DZG. Our blue and gold macaw Charlie, pictured above with Presenter Dorrie Hall, was the star model when 58 graphic design...
DZG Primate Keeper Jade Reddall is loving her time in South Africa

Jade's wild about baboons

21 November 2015
DZG primate keeper Jade Reddall is more than half way through her month-long mission to help wild baboons in South Africa – and is loving every second of it! Jade, pictured above with elderly female baboon Patats, sent us some of her...