Frilled lizards

Three new sibling frilled lizards are on show in the Reptile House. The female and her two brothers arrived from Drusillas Park in Sussex and have settled in to their newly revamped enclosure, which includes a mossy base, lots of large logs to climb over, green foliage and a pool. Curator Richard Brown, said: “The frilled Continue reading Frilled lizards

Cosy crocs!

DZG’s two West African dwarf crocodiles are set for a cosy winter after having a new insulated roof fitted on their enclosure.  Contractors replaced the panels over the two Reptile House pools to ensure more heat is kept indoors for Danzo and Candice. Senior Keeper, Sam Grove, said: “The work was carried out one enclosure Continue reading Cosy crocs!

Help enhance our enclosures

DZG keepers are hoping to enhance our reptile enclosures by appealing for artificial plants. Not only does the fake greenery look good for visitors, but they also provide enrichment for the likes of our snakes, lizards, iguanas, dragons and geckos by giving them additional places to explore. Assistant Curator, Jay Haywood, pictured above with Jane Continue reading Help enhance our enclosures