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DZG's Inca is amazingly agile for 35!

Bear in mind she’s 35!

9 October 2015
Just a week after flying through an exhaustive health check, our elderly bear Inca has shown visitors she’s full of beans!...
Ian Kirk served up a sweet treat for DZG's capuchins

Jelly’s in their golden bellies!

8 October 2015
DZG Keeper Ian Kirk treated our yellow-breasted capuchins to a wibbly-wobbly snack after preparing some delicious jelly. Ian, pictured...
DZG creatures went into Noah's Ark for an animal outreach

All aboard Noah's Ark!

8 October 2015
The animals went in one by one when DZG took a collection of creatures to Noah’s Ark Children’s Centre in Tewkesbury...

Batty about smoothies!

7 October 2015
A smoothie maker donated to DZG by couple of kind supporters has been used to serve up a fruit feast for our colony of bats. Trainee...

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DZG is home to more than 1300 animals, and has nigh on 200 species, including some of the rarest creatures on Planet Earth.

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Towers and Tectons

At the heart of Dudley Zoo the ruins of an 11th century castle and the world's largest single collection of Tectons offer a glimpse of times past.

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