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About us…

DZG is unique… a home to more than 1300 animals, and has nigh on 200 species, including some of the rarest creatures on Planet Earth.

DZG is much more than a zoo

Hundreds of exotic and endangered animals inhabit an ancient wooded hillside, with a rich geological history, around the ruins of the 11th century Dudley Castle and share a site with the world’s largest single collection of Modernist Tecton structures – and the country’s only vintage chairlift!

Education and Conservation

Our aim is to provide our visitors, via our education and conservation activities, with an understanding and awareness of all elements of this unique site, the history of the castle and the geology, the importance of the architectural design of the Tectons, and the opportunity to get closer to the world’s rarest animals.


The zoo which opened in May 1937, covers an area of approximately 40 acres. This unique site includes two scheduled monuments – an 11th century castle and limestone caverns – and 12 Grade 2 listed Tecton buildings (four Grade 2*).

The idea to convert Dudley Castle's grounds into zoological gardens came from its then owner, the third Earl of Dudley, who chose a team of Modernist architects to design the zoo. Using reinforced concrete they created a revolutionary new design of building: Tectons.

The structures have stood the test of time and seventy nine years on Dudley Zoo has the world's largest single collection of Tectons, which in 2009 received World Monument Status.

Today the Tectons are boosted by a variety of animal housing, paddocks and enclosures which are home to our wide variety of 200 species.

Much of the animal collection is linked to international conservation and breeding programmes and several of our global projects have received awards. Endangered species include Asiatic lions, Sumatran tigers, Bornean orang utans, Tibetan red pandas, Rothschild giraffes, Madagascan lemurs and Humboldt penguins – DZG has the UK's largest parent-reared colony.

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Dudley Zoo is changing - be part of it

New Lorikeet Lookout!

We're delighted we've officially opened Lorikeet Lookout marking the final part of our £200,000 redevelopment plan.

The former Monkey Tails building is now home to free flying Australian Rainbow Lorikeets where visitors are able to feed them from pots of nectar, make up by our keepers each day using sugar, honey, golden syrup, black treacle and cod liver oil.

Lorikeet Lookout is the last project to complete in our lower zoo site redevelopment plan which we unveiled at the end of last year.

Lorikeet Lookout has included a new heating system and pool filtration system for the building's ponds which now house koi carp, goldfish and terrapins.  The walkthrough is also home to Monty, the white-throated monitor lizard and free-roaming roul roul partridges and plans are already afoot to increase the lorikeet numbers in the coming months.

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