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Specialist equipment and contractors were brought into DZG to tackle tall trees

Lofty job of maintaining trees

5 July 2015
DZG’s gardening team called in specialist contractors and a 100ft crane to help them tackle three towering trees. A tree...
Walsall mum and daughter raved about being DZG Keepers for a Day

DZG poster prompts perfect day!

5 July 2015
A Walsall mum and daughter turned Keepers for the Day after spotting a poster promoting the experience on an earlier visit to DZG. A...
Six tonnes of woodchip has been added to DZG's Orang House

Summertime spruce up!

4 July 2015
Bornean orang utan Jazz had fun in the sun while Keepers were hard at work adding tonnes of new woodchip to her internal enclosure....
Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden is appealing for bamboo roots for our red pandas

Bring in your bamboo!

3 July 2015
DZG has put out a plea for bamboo roots so it can grow more plants to provide food for our red pandas. Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden,...

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